A Range of Services to Help Independent Authors

For an independent author to stand out in a crowded market, your book or ebook not only has to be well written, but it must be fault-free, well-presented and properly marketed. At Indie-Go we have many years’ experience helping independent authors in achieving some or all of these goals.

We offer a range of editorial, design and marketing services to authors publishing independently – perhaps an ebook with Kindle or a book with a print company – or who are publishing with a self-publishing services supplier, but need assistance with some elements of the publishing process.

All our services are carried out by experienced publishing professionals, giving independent authors the ability to choose only those services they need at a fair cost for quality work. We are not a self-publishing service, but offer a range of specialist services to help you make the most from your self-publishing or independently published project.


Your manuscript has to be the best it can. Yet all too often, authors fall at that final hurdle, and fail to have their work checked and double checked before submission or publication. We work with independent authors in all genres, helping to get their manuscript in the best possible shape before publication. >>


Your book is competing with thousands of new titles released each month, so the wrong cover, or a poorly-presented cover, can doom it to failure. Our cover designers know the book and ebook markets, they know what’s right for each genre and they know how to create stunning covers. >>


Getting a quality book or ebook is essential, but even the best book in the world needs to be promoted. With our experienced marketing experts we can help you promote your book, and supply you with the resources to continue to market it yourself. >>

Why wouldn't you present your work to the best possible standard?

With more books and ebooks being published than ever before, competition is fierce. Presenting your book or ebook in the best possible way gives your writing the best chance to stand out in a crowded market.


Self-Published Titles

Between 2012 and 2013, the number of titles that were self-published increased by 60%


Ebook Purchases

Ebook purchases up 20% in 2013, and book sales also on the rise in 2014


Indie Authors

Indie authors now receive 40% of the total ebook sales going to authors, and rising

Ensure your work is properly edited, has the right cover that’s professionally designed, and give it the best chance in a competitive market.

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