People DO judge a book by its cover, by and large, at least at first.

Good design can make or break a project, it can give a book or ebook the edge in a very crowded market. People make judgements based on a split-second viewing of a cover or author website, so getting it looking right is vital to achieving success.

Our dedicated design team work with you on a one-to-one basis to make the most of your publishing project.


A good cover design has many functions to fulfil, including attracting a reader, communicating genre and audience, and peaking interest. The cover is the first thing a potential reader looks at, so if your cover is poorly designed and badly presented the chances are that you won’t get beyond the first hurdle.

Cover design is a particular art that goes far beyond simply choosing an image and adding the title. A good cover sets the scene, it gives a flavour of a book, it tempts a reader and it sets expectations, all in a split second. Get it right and a cover can help propel a book on to success; get it wrong and, well… you get the picture!

Our designers specialise in book and ebook cover design; they know the book trade and what retailers expect, they know what design trends are prevalent and they know how to get the best from both images and text. Above all, they have a designer’s eye for what works and what doesn’t.

Our designers work individually with an author to discuss the project, looking at the market, design trends in the specific genre, what images you may have available or what can be sourced from elsewhere, and what typography and cover text could be used. Ours is very much a collaborative process where we help you to interpret your work visually for the cover, while bringing our industry expertise to the table to create something that helps your book or ebook get noticed.

Cover design starts at just £100, depending on the complexity of what is required and whether graphics are supplied.

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