Writing is not an easy task, and the right words are often hard won

Writing can be a lonely occupation, and that often leads an author to question what they’ve written, and how well it has been presented. In the publishing world, an author’s manuscript will invariably go through a process of editorial assessment by an independent reader, and then be edited for sense, continuity and grammar.

Independent and self-publishing authors often overlook both of these stages, but they are a vital element of what makes successful books successful. Authors are usually far too close to what they have written for they themselves to be an objective judge, which is where a manuscript assessment by an experienced assessor can be of enormous benefit. At the very least, every manuscript should be edited for grammar, sense, continuity, spelling and punctuation… authors are very good at reading what they think they have written rather than what is actually down on the page!

Indie-Go offers three levels of editorial service: Copy Edit; Opinionated Edit; and Manuscript Assessment.


A copy edit involves an independent editor working through your manuscript, checking for incorrect spelling, poor grammar, sense and consistency in the use of punctuation and formatting.

A copy editor will check for consistency of character and plot, and will highlight anything they feel is repetitive or unclear. The copy editor will not rewrite your text, nor comment upon your plot or writing. A copy edit is not the same as an editor working with you to write your manuscript; it is a check for clarity of presentation and consistency.

A copy editor will mark suggested changes on an electronic copy of your manuscript (usually MS Word) with ‘Track Changes’ on, so that you can see exactly what has been altered. The copy editor may also give global notes for you to consider. The marked up version of your manuscript is then emailed back to you as author so that you can incorporate those changes suggested by the editor as you see fit. It is your decision on what changes you wish to accept from the copy editor.


An opinionated edit is both a copy edit and the opinionated feedback from the editor.

In addition to carrying out the full copy edit as above, in an opinionated edit the editor will also ensure that your text is suitable for your target audience, will highlight areas of plot, pace and characterization that do not ring true and need attention, and will look at the dialogue and tackle its content and pace.

The editor will again mark all changes in your manuscript on an electronic version of the manuscript so that you can see exactly what changes have been suggested. The editor is also likely to supply global notes, and possibly some rewritten sections, but the editor will not rewrite whole swathes of your manuscript for you.


An independent, objective view of what you have written can be hard to find from family and friends. Our manuscript assessment service is designed to offer just that, an objective and realistic view of what you have written and an assessment of whether it is ready for either self-publishing or submission to agents.

An editor first reads your manuscript, then offers constructive critical input on writing style, plot, characterization, dialogue, suitability for the target audience and readiness for publication. The assessment is a much more in-depth process than a copy edit, offering considered feedback on your writing to give an entirely objective view.

We carry out manuscript assessments either on the first 20,000 words of a manuscript, or on the whole manuscript.

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