Telling people about your new book or ebook is the only way that anyone will ever discover it

Press Release Writing and Distribution

Word of mouth is a great way of getting the message across, but what about getting the message across to people you don’t know? That’s where a Press Release comes in, to communicate the fact that you have released your book and interest potential readers.

Writing a Press Release takes a particular set of skills, as you’re aiming it at experienced professional journalists who receive hundreds of releases a week. It has to stand out… but getting that Press Release into the right hands is the other half of the battle. Sending 100 releases to the wrong recipient will give a 0% success rate; sending one release to the right recipient gives 100% success.

Indie-Go offers a Press Release writing service undertaken by publishing industry professionals, and we can distribute that release to named media contacts and more widely via release distribution services. We write a Press Release in consultation with you of up to two pages in length, which includes full details of your book, and which takes a ‘newsworthy’ angle that we hope will interest journalists. This is then sent to selected recipients by email, and disseminated using online Press Release services. A PDF copy of the release is also sent to you for your own promotional activities.

Press Release Writing: £75.00

Press Release Distribution: £50.00


The use of social media has become a popular way for independent authors to promote their book or ebook. But for many, it remains a mystery! At Indie-Go we offer a social media marketing service designed to establish your author presence online and to ensure that you are fully up to speed on how to use your social media to promote your work moving forward.

We focus on using Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads, the most popular and most author-friendly of social media, and which have been proven to raise the discoverability of authors. This social media marketing service will kick-start your knowledge and use of social media tools, so is especially suitable for those who have struggled to find their way around the internet and for whom social media has so far eluded them!

We create accounts with the three main social media services on your behalf, and start to build your author brand. At the same time, we gently introduce you to the social media world, providing step-by-step instructions on how to use each service. Our social media campaign gives you four weeks of dedicated social media support from our marketing team around the time of your book or ebook publication, but longer term, our aim is to fully involve you in using the accounts we have established for you, so that you will be confident in using them yourself.

During the first week of our four-week social media campaign, we ‘post’ on each social media site once each weekday, and for the following three weeks we post for you as you submit content to us (including news, media coverage, signings and events). We also ‘follow’ some useful Twitter accounts on your behalf, so that once the campaign ends, you should already have generated a small following. As soon as the social media accounts have been opened, of course, we encourage you also to post and ‘tweet’ yourself.

Social Media Marketing: £200


We offer a wide range of printed and display items with which you can promote your work at author signings, in bookshops and at events. From pop-up banners to postcards, bookmarks to leaflets, our professionally designed marketing materials will give you the edge when you’re promoting your work.

A full range of the materials we offer is listed in our supplementary brochure.

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